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Group Introduction
Biogeography and ecology group is a research group established by researcher Xing Yaowu in 2016, which belongs to the Key Laboratory of tropical forest ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research team will focus on the biodiversity hotspots from Southwest China to Southeast Asia, and explore the formation mechanism of plant diversity and biogeographical pattern in the region, as well as its relationship with major geological and historical events and climate change in combination with molecular and fossil evidence
Member introduction
Xinyaowu: Xing Yaowu: doctor, researcher, doctoral supervisor, mainly engaged in biogeography and biodiversity formation mechanism research
Han tingshen: Han tingshen, Ph.D., associate researcher, Yunling young talents, Yunnan Province. Mainly engaged in polyploid plant speciation and adaptive evolution
Wang Qiong: Wang Qiong, master, scientific research secretary, is mainly responsible for the coordination and handling of various affairs of the research group.
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Post doctoral low hook Ling successfully passed the post doctoral exit defense The research group won the title of Scientists from Banna botanical garden attend the Eurasia Neogene climate evolution Conference Scientific researchers of Banna botanical garden attend the first China biogeography Conference New progress in polyploid evolution in Banna Botanical Garden The biogeography and ecology research group of Banna botanical garden participated in the special meeting of biogeography in 2019 and commemorating the 250th anniversary of Humboldt Dr. Zhang Qiuyue s graduate students are supported by the study abroad fund of the public postgraduate program of the national construction high level university in 2019 Dr. Richard REE of Field Museum of natural history visited Banna Botanical Garden NSFC Yunnan joint fund The research group held the year-end summary meeting in 2018 Banna botanical garden researchers attend 2018 National Symposium on systematic and Evolutionary Botany Banna botanical garden breakthrough three project team completed the first karst plant diversity research
  address:Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China